Unique resonant-vortex technologies allowed to activate and synthesize a number of materials, give them new properties, create multicomponent compositions that were not previously synthesized by conventional mechanical methods.

Our history

Short description of TORtec Research Institute

TORtec Research Institute was established in Switzerland as a corporate institute for scientific and applied research and design and technological development. TRI is the successor of the primary research of the Scientific Research Institute (SRI TP).

Main tasks of the Institute are the development of a complex of vortex (gas-dynamic) resonance technologies for the disintegration of substances, mechanoactivation and mechanochemical synthesis of materials as well as education and training of technical specialists. For this purpose, a scientific and methodological center for training technology service personnel in Germany was created on the basis of the institute.

The long-term work

of our scientists and design engineers, led by a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical Sciences Viktor Shostak, as well as a complex of technical knowledge and know-how has allowed us to substantiate and develop new promising directions in various fields of science.


The Institute has transferred and prepares for transfer a number of know-how for commercial and applied applications in the USA, Ukraine, Greece, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and other countries. To implement the program for the development of TOT-technologies, special project societies have been created, on the balance sheet of which the planned projects will be implemented.

Field of activity

In numbers

The Research Institute is engaged in the development and application of vortex technologies, which allowed to substantiate and develop in new fields of science new perspective directions


models "TORNADO"


created technologies


intracorporate know-how