The main objective of the research vessel

is to provide assistance in the field of technological solutions for geological prospecting of the subsurface and shelf, mining, upgrading and processing of mineral raw materials, in the field of water management and water supply, as well as in the field of scientific and technical cooperation.

Laboratories and divisions

  • Mining laboratory
  • Geophysical laboratory
  • Physical and chemical laboratories
  • Mineralogy and Petrography laboratories
  • Underwater Drilling Laboratory
  • Plasmatron
  • Sample stores
  • Warehouses

Experimental equipment:

  • Flotations workshop
  • Tornado workshop
  • Gravity workshop
  • Magnetic separation workshop
  • Sublimation workshop
  • Ore preparation workshop
  • Hydrometallurgy

On the vessel’s board:

  • Mobile “Tornado”
  • Geological expedition
  • Mechanized column
  • Hotel for scientists and specialists
  • Helipad
  • Bathyscaphe, boats
  • Auxiliary equipment

Scientific, technological capabilities of the vessel, its technical and laboratory facilities allow to produce:

• Development, creation and implementation of new geological and geophysical technologies for coastal states and detailed research, forecasting, prospecting and exploration of mineral resources on the shelf of the seas and in the World Ocean;

• Prospecting and exploration, regional geophysical surveys of oil and gas bearing and ore areas with the aim of identifying areas that are promising for the discovery of minerals and staging specialized prospecting works;

• Expert forecast evaluation of discovered ore occurrences and deposits, expert work at the deposits;

• Comprehensive analysis of samples, technological recommendations and conclusions;

• Development of enrichment technologies for pilot batches of raw materials (rock, ore, prepared concentrates);

• Scientific and environmental research;

• Experimental processing of industrial wastes, mining tailings;

• Information and analytical support;

Profile activity

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Search and exploration

Primary ore preparation on site

Deep processing on a floating base

Sale of products

Brief description of the production capacity of the floating base

Shop for vortex gasdynamic disintegration and separation TORNADO – 200 sq. m. TORNADO Line

  • Compressor of the firm Keyser (Germany), 75 kW, air class 2/2, 13 cube / min;
  • Ore preparation, dismembrator;
  • The first cascade – grinding, detection, enrichment – mainly Si;
  • The second stage is the detection of polirud concentrators;
  • The third stage – especially fine grinding with a catcher for fine elements;
  • Packer

Workshop capacity: 10 tons of rock/hour = 2000 tons/month

Mobile technology

  • Two installations of disintegration and separation of Tornado on the basis of a sea container (20 ft)
  • 1 ton / hour each = 2 tons = 14 tons / day = 350 tons / month / = 4200 tons / year (with one shift)
  • Onboard enrichment complex – 1
  • Magnetic Separators – 2
  • Electroplating – 1
  • Technological equipment – 4
  • On-board crane, conveyors, transport belts, means of mechanization, means of transportation and movement – 15 units.

Usage example floating base

Place of Birth:

Tantalum-niobium, gold, platinum, rare metals and rare earths, poliore


Preparation of ores, concentrates, assessment of deposits, delivery of rocks to the center, technological samples, analysis and technologies. Associated technology of technogenic dumps and mining waste production. Collection of concentrates in the center for shipment to the floating base by a certain date.

Experimental mining Ta Nb

Columbit tantalite (coltan, columbo tantalite; (Fe, Mn) (Nb, Ta, Ti2O6) is a solid solution of columbite and tantalite, a valuable ore of niobium and tantalum, an important material for the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors widely used in many electronic devices. Columbite-tantalite ore is processed at the enterprise: H.C. Starck (Germany) Delivery port for concentrate by floating base or auxiliary floating craft – Hamburg or Kiel. 600 tons of concentrate – approximately 2 months of preparation at the logistics center. Revenue of about 6 million US $. Four trips per year = US $ 24 million