About us

TORtec Research Institute was established in Switzerland as a corporate institution for scientific and applied research and design and technological development for the group of companies and is the successor of the Scientific Research Institute (SRI TP)

The main task of the Institute is the development of a complex of vortex (gas-dynamic) resonance TOR-technologies for the disintegration of substances, mechanoactivation and mechanochemical synthesis of materials.

The long-term work of our scientists and design engineers, led by a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Physical Sciences Viktor Shostak, a complex of technical knowledge and know-how allowed to substantiate and develop new promising directions in different fields of science:
• In solid state chemistry, methods of mechanochemical activation and regulation of reactivity;
• In inorganic and organic chemistry - fundamentally new, non-thermal methods of synthesis;
• In materials science - to create new methods for obtaining materials with new and specified properties, methods for the functionalization of nanostructures, methods for obtaining nanoscale particles and their use for modifying polymer materials;
• In biotechnology - new ways of activating bio- and phytomass, extracting biologically active substances and obtaining native botanical substances;
• In the enrichment processes - "dry" ways of enrichment of mining rocks and technogenic accumulations, methods for uncovering the intergrowth of crystals and enrichment of difficult-to-degrease rocks;
• In catalysis - to implement fundamentally new catalytic processes;
• In various industry technologies - to create new contactless grinding-activating devices and to show their advantages over the well-known traditional devices based on mechanics.
These and some other areas will contribute to progress in various fields of science and technology.

The limits of science are like the horizon: the closer they are to them, the more they move away.
P .Buast


Management of the Institute


Franc Smidt


Scientific and applied implementation
new technologies, nanotechnology,
carbon substrates

Viktor Shostak

Scientific Director

Development of the "Tornado",
a material decomposition laboratory,
a water structuring laboratory

Maiia Vergolias

Deputy Director

Fundamental biological disciplines,

Ilgiz Bayramgulov

Technology Director

Superhard materials,
diamonds and lonsdaleites, HPHT processes,
diamond nanotubes