About us

TORtec Forschungsinstitut GmbH is established as a corporate research and development center for the development of advanced applied technologies. By the time the company was founded, an international team of scientists, engineers and research specialists had already accumulated many years of scientific and technological experience and knowledge, which formed the basis for advanced applied developments and a number of know-how and practical achievements in the fields of materials science, biochemistry, nanotechnology, agricultural technologies, functional nutrition and health prevention.

The most important task of the institute is not just to develop a certain technology, but to do everything for its commercialization or to create a ready-made advanced production with products in demand on the market. Therefore, we strive for an integrated approach to solving the assigned tasks: ready-made technology + hardware (equipment).

For the hardware of our applied technologies, for design development and for the creation of complete production lines, we organized a subsidiary in Germany – the engineering company Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH, which is able to offer businesses a wide range of equipment and technical solutions. This approach to the implementation of tasks, as well as support of projects during their life cycle, are a reliable support in the implementation of investment projects and a guarantee of their success in a highly competitive environment.конкуренции.



We have established strong scientific and cooperation ties with many research institutes, laboratories and scientists from different countries, and we are open for cooperation in those areas in which we can be useful:

  • Agrofirm for growing valuable and medicinal raw materials with processing;
  • Vertical farms for small and medium enterprises (closed cultivation);
  • Plant for the production of granular complex micro- and soluble chelated fertilizers (50 thousand tons/year, 100 thousand tons/year, 1 million tons/year);
  • Phyto-plant for the production of botanical substances, biologically active substances, oils, etc. from customer-supplied and/or own raw materials;
  • Clean rooms-GMP boxes for food, perfumery and cosmetic, pharmacological and chemical industries and laboratories;
  • Small pharmacological production (GMP) of medicinal and prophylactic drugs and dietary supplements (assortment of more than 60 types of products under a franchise/license with sales prices per year of at least 25 million Euro);
  • Small cosmetic production + GMP hygiene products (assortment of more than 50 types of products with market sales prices from 20 million Euros per year);
  • Production of functional food products, complex enterosorbents of a new generation and functional drinks (assortment to choose from more than 90 types of products with a sales value of 30 million euros per year);
  • Production of bioamorphic carbon from plant phytomass and solid mixtures based on it, new composites (income from production per year at least 70 million Euro);
  • Mini-production of functional enterosorbents, GMP (assortment by purpose – 32 types, selling price – 12 million Euro, franchise);
  • Production of essential oils from GMP herbal raw materials and product range, new molecular fractionation technology;
  • Line for the production of new functional toothpastes and gels, prophylactic agents for the oral cavity, GMP, franchise for 19 formulations, certification in the EU;
  • Suppository production line with a franchise for 14 formulations, GMP, EU certification;
  • Minifactory for the production of drugs for potency, aphrodisiacs, prevention of diseases of the prostate and genitourinary system, GMP, provision of raw materials, licenses for 18 drugs, franchise, certification in the EU;

  • Mining and processing technologies, complex processing of industrial waste;
  • Micronization of materials, activation and synthesis of new materials and their mixtures, multi-component and complex composites;
  • Powder and laser metallurgy, micropowders for 3D printing;
  • Carbon nanostructures and composites based on them;
  • Microcellulose and derivatives;
  • Processing of lignin and polymers, new composites;
  • Building materials and mixtures, new concrete, protective and radioprotective compositions;
  • Micro-powders of intermetallic compounds and heat-resistant mixtures;
  • Production of activated sorbents for various purposes;

  • Integrated waste-free processing of agricultural waste, grain, legumes, food, beer and alcohol industry, wine-making waste to obtain valuable products;
  • Integrated and waste-free processing of agricultural products to obtain new products and / or products with new properties;
  • Waste-free processing of animal and poultry waste to obtain valuable products;
  • New materials and composites for protection against all types of radiation;
  • Water purification, sorption of heavy and radioactive metals, biochemical compounds and carcinogenic micro- and ultra-microelements;
  • Elimination of any types of pollution, man-made consequences, soil reclamation;
  • Integrated processing of industrial and household waste to obtain valuable products;

  • Waste-free processing of animal and poultry waste to obtain valuable products;
  • Complex processing of phytomasses of useful, valuable and medicinal plants to obtain native botanical substances, biologically active compounds and valuable components for pharmacology, cosmetics and the industry of dietary supplements and functional nutrition;
  • Obtaining microcellulose from phytomass of bast crops and products from it;
  • Production of bioamorphic carbon from crop waste, including bast crops, and amorphous silicon from rice crop waste;
  • Technologies for processing lignin from wood species and waste from pulp and paper production and obtaining new composites and products;
  • Technologies for obtaining bioactive concentrates, activated micropowders of medicinal plants, extracting lipid fractions, soluble and insoluble substances, processing oil cake and residues;

  • Selection, regionalization and cultivation of especially valuable and medicinal plants;
  • Vertical farms, controlled indoor and outdoor cultivation, hydro and aeroponics, drip irrigation;
  • Technologies for the production and application of a new generation of complex chelated fertilizers for organic and ecological cultivation;
  • Restoration of arable lands, poor soils, creation of fertile soils in desert zones on sands, salt marshes, etc.;
  • Landscaping in areas with unfavorable climatic conditions;

News & Events

  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • Field trials have been carried out and agricultural technologies have been developed for the use of complex chelated fertilizers, including those for hydro- and aeroponics on vertical farms;
  • A technology for growing valuable plants on vertical farms with artificial lighting has been developed;
  • A technology has been developed for obtaining pure bioamorphic carbon from phytomasses;
  • We joined the International Association for Progressive Ecotechnologies;
  • A number of strategic agreements have been concluded for the transfer of ready-made technologies to Greece, to African countries, to Ukraine, to Turkmenistan, to Qatar, to the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Contracts for contract work in Germany and Ukraine for the commissioning and launch into production of the production lines and technologies developed by us;
  • More than 30 know-how and technologies are included in the closed corporate register of new technologies;
  • A production line for vortex disintegration of materials was put into operation in Germany;
  • A new type of biomass disintegrator was put into operation;
  • The formulation and pro-forma of a wide range of drugs and biologically active additives have been developed;
  • A record harvest of special red pepper Trinidad Scorpios was grown in the Republic of Cyprus for the subsequent production of oleoresin and biologically active substances according to our technology;
  • An applied technology and a range of end products of a new generation of complex chelated fertilizers with 70 biogenic microelements for nutrition and stimulation of plants in desert zones, for poor soils, for salt marshes, for drip irrigation, hydro- and aeroponics have been developed. Three projects for the production of these products have been prepared for implementation: for 100,000 tons per year, for 500,000 tons per year and for 1 million tons per year;
  • More than 60 know-how and technologies have been entered into the closed corporate register of new technologies;
  • A special vortex installation for disintegration of bio- and phytomasses was tested;
  • Formulation of protein functional food and drink products from biologically active substances has been created;
  • An internal corporate register of know-how was created based on the SRI TP register:
    Vortex Technologies & Engineering GmbH was established in Germany;
  • A comprehensive technology for cultivation and deep processing of bast crops has been developed to obtain natural botanical substances and biologically active substances;
  • Technologies for primary processing of phyto-raw materials and products have been created on our own plantations in the Republic of Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, new crops of valuable plants have been introduced for cultivation;
  • More than 40 know-how and technologies have been entered into the closed corporate register of new technologies;